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The horrors of a poor IT setup

If your IT isn’t set up to match your business needs, it means you’re wasting money, time and your employees are frustrated with having to deal with IT support from around the globe. You might be spending more time talking with support, or just figuring out whom to call, than doing your job!

Think of all the times you’ve had to fiddle with your printer to have it up and running. Think of all the times you’ve sat in front of your computer waiting for a program to load. Think of those times you couldn’t get any work done because the Internet was down (again).

All that time wasted adds up to lost business efficiency, sales, paid salaries… with no results!

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Blasting into IT efficiency

It doesn’t need to be this way – we’ll get rid of the Evil Eye-T monster.

We specialize in customizing IT for your needs so your business goes on not only uninterrupted, but more efficiently too. We’ll find the areas with which you’re having tech trouble and blast away those inefficient time-wasting monsters!

Make things simple: let us be your one point of contact. We’ll look after all your vendors; Internet, computers, communications, computer programs, servers, etc. Just call one person – your dedicated CapitalTek superhero. Upgrades, problems, and questions – no job is too big or small for our team of elite heroes.

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Smart, stable and simplified

Let us take care of EVERYTHING IT – from procuring the right computers and software to connecting your network and accessories. We’ll even tidy up those wires running through your office – just one of the many tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves.

Our work doesn’t end there! We’ll continually maintain all your systems, upgrade them when needed and guard against pesky viruses and downtime.

We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

Regardless of your office size, we have a plan that will support your needs.

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It’s time to suit up

Ready to say goodbye to Evil Eye-T and wasted time, energy and money spent on IT struggles? Flash the CapitalTek beacon and we’ll have you on your way to saving time and money in a jiffy!

For urgent requests, get in touch with one of our IT superheroes through the CapitalTek hotline at 613-702-0488 or by email at support@capitaltek.ca.

Want to find out more about how we can help and get rid of the Evil Eye-T? Give the CapitalTek HQ a call at 613-829-2255 or email accounts@capitaltek.ca.

We can also help through live chat! Check out the bottom right hand corner.

Sleep well at night knowing that experienced local superheroes are looking after your IT needs around the clock, so business goes on, uninterrupted.

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Need IT? We do it all!


TekCare is your worry-free solution bundle when it comes to technology. It’s the ultimate IT support system for your business: world-class maintenance that keeps you working, 24/7 monitoring that keeps you secure and a team of dedicated experts just a phone call away.

Sometimes, you’ve got an IT project that’s above and beyond the helpdesk – that’s where the TekProjects experts come in.  We can help you set up new technology, move your business from one system to another and so much more.

The ‘cloud’ is really just a fancy name for accessing your files or software through the Internet so you can access your business wherever you are. It’s ultra-fast, ultra-secure and we’ve got you covered, whatever cloud solution you’re looking for.


We’ve got a state-of-the-art TekLab ready to handle anything from the toughest IT challenges out there to more day-to-day technical issues. We’ll do whatever it takes to quickly find and fix problems on your computer.

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