Additional Services Features

Business Phone

Are you tired of traditional phone systems? What happens when you leave the office? You’re a professional on the go! Your business phone has to go with you.

Business Email

Do you have multiple email addresses on multiple devices? You need to consolidate and synchronize your emails.

Domain Name

Do you have a domain name that suits your business? Do you have a great domain name but don’t know how to keep it? You need a professional domain name and email for your business. 

Website Hosting

Does your business have a website? Do you know where your website data is hosted or how to maintain it? You should have a website for your business, no matter the industry

Electronic Fax

Are you tired of the spilled toner and seemingly endless paper refills? Your small business may still need a fax, but it doesn’t have to be a physical device.

Cloud Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping fees are expensive, and all those receipts can really start to add up. Your small business needs bookkeeping services but we can help you simplify the process.

Workplace Chat

Do you find yourself jumping between multiple devices or platforms to communicate with your staff? Is your inbox full of back-and-fourth emails. You need to be in touch with your staff at all times.

Secure Remote Access

Ever decide you just want to work from home? Does your business require you to travel, but remain connected? Your small business needs to keep running regardless of where you are, and you need access to your business.

Mobile Device Management

Do you or your staff own cell phones or other mobile devices? It’s 2017, of course they do, and they want to use them.

Identity & Access Management

Do you have issues with managing users on your business computers? How about passwords?   Your small business is constantly changing, and so is your staff.