This week we’re featuring our client Tego Inc., a bathrooms solutions company based in the West end of Ottawa.

Here’s some background information from our client’s website:

From Sault St. Marie in Northern Ontario and destined to pursue what one might call The Canadian Dream, John Manzo and Mike Aubrey met and decided that their shared vision of hard work, an obsessive attention-to-detail, and a deep sense of pride in excellent craftsmanship and service would lead them to success. And, they couldn’t have been more right!

By staying true to this vision over the last twenty years, every project is consistently completed beyond industry standard with many awards and happy customers to prove it. They demonstrate their commitment everyday: on the showroom floor, in Tego’s Design Studio, and on the job.

We interviewed co-owner, John Manzo, to provide further insight into his company:

Could you please tell us the name of your business and briefly explain what you do?

We started out as Bath Wall Manufacturing, but people perceived that as being our only service and we were doing much more than that so we transitioned into Tego. We started in 1988, we’ve been in this building for about 10 years, it’s our own building and we have our cabinet shop here, our CNC machines, our custom fabrication and our design centre.

What’s a CNC machine?

A CNC machine means computer controlled routing. (Acronym is for Computer Numeric Control)

What made you want to start in this business/industry?

We started out with the idea of making custom one piece tub surroundings. This concept had already been done as long ago as 56 years, but they were made as a single unit. We took a process that had been done and created our own version of it. We had a custom fabricated product that could be produced easily and quickly and installed easily by the end user. We incorporated advanced technology into the manufacturing process, that’s how we were different. We were the first shop in Ottawa to have a CNC machine, besides the NRC.

What do you love most about your business/industry?

The creativity— being able to design. We’re always working on different projects so the variety as well. It’s a fun industry to create things, designing and creating an end product. Working with various people, designers etc. collaborating on projects.

What are some technological challenges you’ve faced as a business and how was CapitalTek able to help?

Integrating our systems better, communications systems working better. Having scheduling lining up with our email etc. Interfacing what’s going on my system with everyone else. We needed the technology for sure, we wanted to improve our accounting, our processing for purchase orders etc. From the time the customer comes in through to placing their order and getting their project completed, there’s a stream of communication that has to be shared to ensure this process is streamlined. The technology has helped greatly with this process.