This week we’re featuring our client Trax International Ltd, a logistics company based right here in the Nation’s capital.

Here’s some background information from our client’s website:

Trax International is located in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, and is a wholly owned and operated Canadian logistics company specializing in transportation of household goods and personal effects.

Trax International began trading in 1982 and has over 25 years experience in the transport of international and domestic relocations. From around the corner to around the world, Trax International will move your possessions as if they were their own.

Through our team of highly trained and experienced professionals worldwide, we use state-of-the-art and operational methods to provide a full range of quality relocations services including packing furniture and personal effects, storage facilities, shipping and transit insurance both in canada in concert with our network of agents worldwide.

Trax international is also a licensed freight forwarder for commercial and exhibition shipments. We offer ocean ad airfreight shipping and logistics services throughout Canada, the United States and worldwide.

We interviewed the President, Matt Welch, to provide further insight into his company:

Could you please tell us the name of your business and briefly explain what you do?

Trax International Ltd is the name of my company which I started in 1982, so thirty five years ago. We’re a logistics company and many logistics companies in the 80s used x in their names as in logistix so I decided to name my company Trax.

What made you want to start in this business/industry?

I was working for another company and they needed warehouse space and logistics so that’s why I started. We’re a logistics company and I have some niche business, shipping for trade fairs and embassies. It’s smarter to concentrate on niche markets in this business.

What’s your average shipping job?

It’s mostly shipping containers, you can ship cars in containers, you can actually ship an entire house in a container with a car if you wanted to.

What do you love most about your business/industry?

It’s something that I’ve done for years and it’s always evolving. Once you get into it, it’s hard to get out of it! I work for a lot of Canadians that are doing work overseas.

What are some technological challenges you’ve faced as a business and how was CapitalTek able to help?

Before CapitalTek my office computers were sluggish and my team was constantly loosing time. Now I have peace of mind that everything is working well. They take care of my backups, computer performance, antivirus, printers, emails, as well as webhosting. It’s great to have one company to do all these things for you.