Starting from $127/Month

Business Computer

Are you ready to throw that slow, clunky, huge PC out the window? Your small business needs state of the art tools to operate like an enterprise.

Data Backup

Have you ever considered what may happen if you were to lose your data? Most business owners don’t realize they need back-up until it’s too late.

Computer Maintenance

Do you know what’s involved in maintaining your business computer? Just like your vehicle, your business computer requires regular maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.


Do you have problems with viruses taking over your PC? Are you tired of scanning your machine? Your businesses runs on your PC which can be susceptible to viruses, you need protection.

Tech Support

Are you concerned about the costs associated with tech support? What about long wait times?  As a small business owner you need a quick and easy way of solving your IT issues.

Latest MS Office

Are you tired of paying expensive prices for software, constantly trying to keep software updated? You need the latest MS office for your business.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Are you interested in knowing how your computer is performing, if there are any problems with it? Your computer requires the health and performance of a vast combination of hardware and software to function properly, if something is going wrong it’s important you’re aware.

IT Vendor Management

Are you tired of dealing with multiple service providers? In today’s world of technology, every business needs many IT related services, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.