Check out these colourful tray loading iMac G3s for this week’s #VintageComputers instalment! The first model of the iMac line in the personal computer industry was the iMac G3. The monitor and GPU were encompassed in a single, transportable, stylish all-in-one enclosure. The iMac G3 was originally released in Bondi blue, however later in a full spectrum of vibrant enclosure colours. The machine was announced on May 6th, 1998 and started shipping in August of that year. Some say the computer industry was revolutionized by the launch of the iMac.

The iMac G3 came with the following specs:

  • Power PC G3 233 MHz
  • Rage Pro 6MB SGRAM
  • 4GB Hard Drive
  • 24X CD drive -tray loading
  • Modem