Do you have POP/IMAP Email service Or local email server that is getting obsolete? Do you have many email accounts, contacts, calendars scattered around and not in the same place? We can help you migrate your email service from Google or Microsoft (G Suite or Microsoft Office365) Office 365 and G Suite offers more than just email, it’s a collaboration, document management and productivity suite. We’ve partnered with Google and Microsoft to  provide you Migration, Support and Monthly Service for Both G Suite and Office 365


Losing critical data can be devastating to any business – and at CAPITALTEK, we’ll do everything we can to help mitigate that loss. In the worst case scenario, you’ve lost your critical data AND any backups that you had. That still doesn’t mean that your data is gone for good – we can make sure you have another set of backup located in a local datacenter.


You may host your website at hosting provider and need to relocate a new hosting provider which provides you with better security and speed.

We will help you migrate website without any downtime

Typical Website migration project  includes:
Setup Cpanel account an a fats SSD server
Migration existing WordPress website over to new server
Setting up Secure DNS account and configure all Web records
Install SSL Certificate to protect web traffic
Transfer domain name(s)


Moving to a new office is already stressful – worrying about getting your IT infrastructure from “point A” to “point B” in one piece isn’t something you should have to add on top of it. We’ll oversee everything – including working with vendors – to make sure you can focus on the things that are most important of all.

Typical IT Relocation Project Includes:

Ordering and installing internet connection
Running new or additional network points and cables
Disassemble and safety pack equipment from old site and transfer to new
Reinstall existing equipment at new site
Install any new equipment or software
Move and setup telephone systems including liaising with providers

We will work during evening and weekends to minimise disruption

On site support on move day to ensure everything goes smoothly


Modern phone systems (VOIP) are highly integrated in your computer network. You no longer need a separate Phone company to integrate a new phone system for your business. We have all resources necessary to move your company to VOIP SYstem  which includes communicating with your current phone provider and setup porting of your phone numbers, providing you with with Phone hardware – Wireless, desk phones, headsets and training you on using new phone system


Windows Computers typically need to be replaced every 4 years. We can assess your computers and provide you with a detailed Asset report and recommend replacement. We will choose the right computers for your needs and provide file and software migration


Network Router, Firewall are the center of your network and Key network equipment. It is important to keep your network equipment up to date to meet current security standards. Typical Network Projects include: Improving Internet Speed and WIFI coverage, Firewall Installation, VPN configuration, creating secure access to your network from a remote location. Especially Important for Organizations that keep Client records Medical, Legal, Financial Industry


Similar to workstation replacement Servers needs to be replaced every 6 years, you now have an option to migrate to a physical server or a virtual hosted in a local datacenter. We will provide you with the plan to migrate your old server to a new server according to your business needs


If you run a business which seems to be running you, it’s time you should consult a business automation specialist to discuss how you can automate some repeated processes that don’t require human involvement at every interaction.

There are plenty of platforms and tools available online which you may be using already. The challenge is not to just find the right tool but to find tools that sync with each other. So you have centralised data and your business actions will reflect on that. Typical Business automation projects include: 
1. Setting up the primary tool,
2. Setting up the secondary tool and
3. Setting up the sync between the primary and secondary tool


Technology assessment is a great way to gain a true picture of the existing network, computers, server, email and phone system, security and backup system, main IT vendors and more