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Data Backup And Recovery Services For Your Business

Are you finding it difficult to protect important business data?
Sit back and relax! We secure all your data, helping you get peace of mind. Files, folders, databases and more.
We protect your important files and store them safely in an encrypted remote server. As a part of our ongoing maintenance service, we backup your important files and monitor the status.
We can recover files on your request anytime.

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CAPITALTEK benefits for Data Backup And Recovery Services

We are an Ottawa based company and your data is fully stored within Canadian cloud storage under the security and privacy laws.

From backup to recovery to monitoring, we provide affordable, all-in-one solutions with full onsite and offsite protection.

Leverage our free technical support via live chat and SMS, whenever you need it. The team is well experienced and provides prompt recovery solutions for your business.

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Data Backup and Recovery

Cloud data backup

Safeguard important files and data in our Canadian cloud

Remote data backup

Remote backup support with end-to-end encryption

Fast and reliable daily backup

All your important data, backed on a daily basis

Continuous monitoring

To provide solutions to accomodate your workflow needs

Safe recovery of data

Hassle-free and secure recovery of the data to get your systems up and running within minutes

Failover backup

Offering seamless and safe failover backup in times of disaster.

Secure cloud data centers

100% Canadian cloud storage with the transparency you deserve

Custom backup and recovery

Matching your business needs

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Data and Backup Recovery

At CAPITALTEK, we offer the best service at an affordable price for everyone. Choose the price that best suites your business.

Computer Backup

per PC / Month


We offer onsite and off-site managed backup with weekly report so you can sleep better knowing your data is safe

SaaS Backup

per User / Month


Unlimited backup of All Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Files stored in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Server Backup

per Server / Month


Server OS File and Image backup is crucial to protect your data against ransomware attacks – we will do full backup of entire server
Computer Backup

Computer Backup

$ 25

Per PC/ Month
SaaS Backup

SaaS Backup

$ 5

Per user/ Month
Server Backup

Server Backup

$ 50

Per server/ Month

Not Sure Which One Is Best For You?

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Don't Take Our Word for It
Ask Our Clients

Jennifer Hamm
CAPITAL TEK was extremely helpful in solving a file recovery problem for me. They were able to see me and fixed everything very quickly plus explained what I need to going forward. I am very happy with their service and relieved to be back up a running!
Galina P
Timing is everything and CAPITALTEK assists our company in so many different facets of everyday business. Their speed, reliability and knowledge are 2nd to none! CAPITALTEK staff is extremely responsive to any issue that may arise so that we are running and back-up in business in no time! Thank you CAPITALTEK. Galina P.
John Hennessey
5 stars