For this week’s #FeatureClientFriday, we’re proud to introduce our client Alteriors. Alteriors has been offering modern and contemporary furniture solutions to Ottawa and the surrounding area since 1997. Below are further details about Alteriors, and next week we’ll be sitting down with the owners for an interview, so check back!

Alteriors is not simply just a contemporary furniture store, it is a place where unabashed creativity culminates in the artistry of superior design, exquisite craftsmanship and inspired aesthetic. Specializing in exclusive luxury pieces that cannot be found elsewhere in the Ottawa region, Alteriors handpicks and delivers a mosaic of unique furniture and home accents that will resonate in the present, but also transform with time to become treasured family heirlooms.

Alteriors opened in 1997, and was regarded as Ottawa’s location for modern quality design. Changing hands in 2009, Alteriors has undergone a major revitalization. Customer service, Store Aesthetics and Brands were updated to provide Ottawa with more of the items originally only available in larger cities.

We feel a boutique showroom doesn’t mean unobtainable. Our doors are at street level, and open to anyone who is interested in exploring something new, or just taking a break from the day to enjoy beautiful design. We are very lucky to really love what we do, and we hope it shows and leaves people with a positive experience, and a little more knowledge of design.

Owners Jacob and Monika believe that design of any kind is meant to inspire and encourage original thinking. It is their warm inviting showroom, however, that personifies that belief, regularly debuting new extraordinary pieces in a series of comfortable vignettes that translate into the real world. “We are creative, visual people with strong design backgrounds,” says Monika. “And we love furniture. We roll all of that artistic appreciation together and inject it into our showroom.” “We want to encourage people to think outside the box, expose them to new ideas and ultimately push the design envelope to show what is possible,” reveals Jacob.

Whether you are a professional looking to expand creative horizons, or simply someone searching for the perfect piece to complete your inner space, step into Alteriors and be welcomed home to quality design.