How it All Began

Founder and CEO, Sergey Poltev, has been fixing computers since he was 12 years old, when his first computer blew up. He saved money from his pocket allowance to buy parts to rebuild and fix the early model PC. That began his fascination with computer technology.

This later inspired him to follow his passion to University. He received a Russian National Scholarship and completed the degree of M.Sc. in Computer Science with Honors.

Teenage Tech Entrepreneur

At the age of 18, Sergey opened a successful internet café / PC gaming studio in Russia with two teenaged business partners. His initial goal was to earn enough money to buy a cell phone. At that time, internet access from one’s home was financially out of reach for most people in Russia. The demand for internet café services was strong so this resulted in a successful enterprise.

Sergey quickly saved money for a cell phone. Two years later, he sold his share of the business in order to pay for the cost of a University exchange program that allowed him to study in the US for an academic year.


Sergey launched CALLGEEK (later renamed to CAPITALTEK) in 2008. He had recently immigrated to Canada to seek new opportunities and like many immigrants, he couldn’t find a job despite having strong academic credentials.

As a newcomer to Ottawa in his mid-twenties, he had no business contacts, no startup funds and spoke very little English. Despite these obstacles, he was determined to succeed in his new home country so he started a computer services company from scratch. To find his initial clients, he walked door to door in residential areas of Ottawa and placed his brochure in mailboxes.

From these early stages of CAPITALTEK and continuing to this day, Sergey has always gone “over & above” with customer service and always tries to exceed expectations. This customer-focused approach showed results in the early stages of the firm. After he was able to acquire a few clients, the referrals came in quickly. Referrals continue to be a major source of new clients.


CAPITALTEK now has a team of 11 members and we continue to grow. Together we provide friendly and affordable IT services to a large client base in the Ottawa region.

Sergey’s passion for computers continues to this day and he’s constantly on top of new technology developments to ensure his clients get the best services possible.

The company’s guiding principle is “it’s not enough to quickly repair a computer malfunction; it’s vital to prevent computer problems from happening in the first place to avoid disruption to business.”


Forty Under 40 Awards – Ottawa Board of Trade & Ottawa Business Journal – 2021
Sergey has been recognized as a top young business leader in the region for his strong leadership in the growth of CAPITALTEK and for his volunteer work in the community.

Three Best Rated™ Canada  
CAPITALTEK is currently a Recommended Top 3 IT Services firm in Ottawa, based on a rigorous 50-Point Inspection. Three Best Rated™ Canada helps 4 million customers per month to find the best local businesses in key cities. Businesses do not pay to be listed.

Five Star Google Reviews  
CAPITALTEK has received highly positive Five Star Google reviews consistently over the past 6 years. The company currently has 50+ Google reviews, with an overall average score of 5 stars.

Ottawa Awards by Faces Magazine
#1 Favorite IT Company in 2017, 2020 and 2021

“Lead to Win” Carleton University, 2010  
Sergey received a $20,000 entrepreneur award from Carleton University’s business incubator program in 2010. The program provides funding and support to promising new companies and has been named one of the top 10 university business incubators in North America.

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