Sergey Poltev
Sergey PoltevFounder and CEO
Sergey learned how to fix computers at age of 12 and technology quickly became his passion for life. Holds Msc in Computer Science Always Patient, empathetic and helpful.
Rica Salonga
Rica SalongaCustomer Service Manager
Rica is a graduate of BS Computer Science. She worked for a telecom company as a product Training Manager. She loves to travel and is an animal advocate.
Darwin Barawid
Darwin BarawidNetwork and Server Engineer
Darwin is very dedicated and hardcore IT person. Holds Bachelor degree in computer science. Likes to spend time with his family and plays a guitar in his spare time.
Ellen Quimpano
Ellen QuimpanoProject Manager
Ellen is Graduate of Associate Degree in Computer Technology. Worked for a Payroll Company as a Senior Analyst for Compliance Solutions. She loves to watch movies and anime.
Joel Nahrgang
Joel NahrgangWeb Developer
Joel has been building websites for over 15 years and focuses on WordPress development and managing clients web hosting needs. Joel enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.
Stepan Poltev
Stepan PoltevSystem Administrator
Stepan is Sergey’s brother, graduated with Masters Degree in Computer Science, loves mountains and drinking green tea.
Apple Joy Roluna
Apple Joy RolunaComputer Technician
Apple is a graduate of Information Technology. Worked as a Systems Lead technician for an Engineering firm and been in the IT field for 10 years. She is a huge fan of Bruce Willis.
Adriano Raffoul
Adriano RaffoulOnsite Technician
Adriano received his college diploma for Computer System Technician from Algonquin College in December 2020. He is very friendly with a heavy customer support background.
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzieCable and Telecom Expert
Scott has worked in the Telecom industry since 1985, has great attention to details, likes to spend time outdoors.
Alia Marquez
Alia MarquezMarketing Manager
Maria Alia Marquez received her education at the Universidad de Manila. She has spent her career life in BPO industry where she gained skill in customer service, administrative support, event planning and social media marketing. She believes that continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.
Ronald Ocampo
Ronald OcampoIT Analyst
Ron is a graduate of BS Electronics and Communications Engineering. Worked as an Infrastructure engineer with Telecom and outsourcing companies. He is a film enthusiast and can watch TV all day when not busy.
Ryan Gumanid
Ryan GumanidHelpdesk Engineer in Technical
Ryan holds a degree in Information Technology. He’s a Systems and Network Administrator for the past 10+ years. He is a family guy and loves to ride motorcycles on weekends.
Carmela Gervacio
Carmela GervacioBusiness Development Specialist
She started working at the age of 19 where she spent her career life in the BPO industry for almost 10 years that hones her skills on different various fields such as technical support, customer service and sales.

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