Sergey Poltev
Sergey PoltevFounder and CEO
Sergey started fixing computers when he was 12. Since then, computers and technology have become his passion. Holds MSC in Computer Science. Always patient, empathetic and helpful.
Rica Salonga
Rica SalongaCustomer Service Manager
Rica is a graduate of BS Computer Science. She worked for a telecom company as a product Training Manager. She loves to travel and is an animal advocate.
Darwin Barawid
Darwin BarawidNetwork and Server Engineer
Darwin is very dedicated and hardcore IT person. Holds Bachelor degree in computer science. Likes to spend time with his family and plays a guitar in his spare time.
Ellen Quimpano
Ellen QuimpanoFinance Manager
Ellen is Graduate of Associate Degree in Computer Technology. Worked for a Payroll Company as a Senior Analyst for Compliance Solutions. She loves to watch movies and anime.
Christian Bautista
Christian BautistaSenior Helpdesk Engineer
A highly motivated and experienced Senior Remote Desktop Support Analyst. Christian has been in the IT industry for 15 years, mostly in the helpdesk industry. Outside work, he spent most of his time going out of town with his family, stock trading and playing poker online.
Apple Joy Roluna
Apple Joy RolunaHelpdesk/Project Manager
Apple is a graduate of Information Technology. Worked as a Systems Lead technician for an Engineering firm and been in the IT field for 10 years. She is a huge fan of Bruce Willis.
Adriano Raffoul
Adriano RaffoulOnsite Technician
Adriano received his college diploma for Computer System Technician from Algonquin College in December 2020. He is very friendly with a heavy customer support background.
Rominda Panganiban
Rominda PanganibanComputer Technician
Rominda is a boomer who took up Mass Communications in college and ended up being an IT enthusiast. She has been in the BPO/ITO industry for more than 10 years. She loves to crochet, read books and listen to music.
Maria Alia Marquez
Maria Alia MarquezContent Marketing Manager
Maria Alia Marquez received her education at the Universidad de Manila. She obtained skill in customer service, administrative support, event planning and social media marketing from more than a decade of working in BPO industry. She believes that continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.
Stepan Poltev
Stepan PoltevNetwork and Server Engineer
Stepan graduated from Don State Technical University with a degree in Information Technology. He has many years of broad experience in various areas of the IT industry. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding and hiking.
Phil Irving
Phil IrvingIT Business Analyst
Phil graduated from Queen’s and has many years of experience in a broad range of IT Security roles. He is a leader in community theatre as actor, producer, and stage lights designer. He likes Neil Gaiman, Giles Blunt, and Dean Koontz.
Ronie Corteza
Ronie CortezaBusiness Development Specialist
Ronie joined the BPO industry after earning his bachelor’s degree in communication major in Journalism in 2009. For 6 years, he was part of the Training Department as a trainer and promoted as a training supervisor for telco customer service, sales, and tech accounts. He would spend his free time as a fanboy of both
K-pop and P-pop groups.
Nicko Caliwag
Nicko CaliwagWeb Developer
Nicko is a graduate of Information Technology who worked and focused on the web development path for 7 years. He spends his free time playing computer games.
Delia Dadis
Delia DadisExecutive Assistant
Delia is a graduate of BS Chemistry from Bicol University. She joined BPO for 10 years as Training Supervisor and was promoted to Training Manager handling different programs. She takes the lead on launching curriculum for a well-known telco provider in the US. She loves to travel and a food enthusiast.
Francis Del Rosario
Francis Del RosarioComputer Technician
Francis is a graduate of Computer Science Major in IT and has been in the IT and BPO industry for 16 years. A computer hardware enthusiast who likes to build computer for recreation, gaming, and extreme testing. Often spends his free time bonding with family and friends, gaming, reading manga and wuxia novels.

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