Meet Our Team

Sergey Poltev
Sergey PoltevFounder and CEO
Stepan Poltev
Stepan PoltevChief Technology Officer
Simon Cutler
Simon CutlerChief Operational Officer
Maryna Zahorii
Maryna ZahoriiMarketing Director
Marc Quesnel
Marc QuesnelChief Financial Officer
Anna Griga
Anna GrigaFinancial Manager
Rica Salonga
Rica SalongaGeneral Manager
Aleksey Yanchevskiy
Aleksey YanchevskiyCybersecurity Specialist
Christian Bautista
Christian BautistaHelpdesk Manager
Apple Joy Roluna
Apple Joy RolunaHelpdesk/Project Manager
Darwin Barawid
Darwin BarawidNetwork and Server Engineer
Ellen Quimpano
Ellen QuimpanoFinance Manager
Francis Del Rosario
Francis Del RosarioHelpdesk Engineer
Frederick Bautista
Frederick BautistaOnsite Technician
Rzver Labuguen
Rzver LabuguenTechnical Engineer
Joe Costales
Joe CostalesTechnical Engineer
Sarah Trajano
Sarah TrajanoWeb Developer
Jacinto Ordillano
Jacinto OrdillanoHelpdesk Engineer
Enrique Jacinto
Enrique JacintoHelpdesk Engineer
Adrian Rangga
Adrian RanggaCloud Care Specialist
Julius Bea
Julius BeaTechnical Engineer

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