We’ve partnered with Google and Microsoft to provide you with a Business Email system – Either G suite or Office 365 this will include Email, contacts, Calendars and more, Always synced to your phone and secure compared to a free email solution.


There are many advantages of professional data backup over making copies on external hard drives or USB flash sticks. Some of these advantages include Additional Security, Automation, Ease of recovery, saving costs and Time. Putting it simply, online data backup is, nowadays, the cheapest and easiest way to back up your important files and store them safely in an encrypted remote server.

As part of our Ongoing Maintenance service we backup your important files and monitor/manage the status of it, we can recover files on your request anytime


WEB, DNS HOSTING, SSL Certificates, DNS, DOMAIN Names are commodity services and we recommend getting it from your IT provider to manage everything under one roof. We will provide Cpanel, FTP, wordpress access to your web designer or connect your domain name to another web service


SMS Solutions For Businesses

Let customers text your business phone number. Manage and automate responses. No cell phones required. Reach customers on their phones, Answer questions via text, Automate common responses. Send appointment confirmation and reminders of upcoming classes or meetings. Update special offers or news. Send updates, daily specials,  Distribute news, events, meetings. Manage campaigns

Be accessible and reachable are just few features of Business SMS solution


Do you have problems with viruses taking over your PC? Are you tired of scanning your machine? Your business runs on your PC which can be susceptible to viruses, you need protection. Our antivirus solution is constantly scanning and you never have to worry about updating your antivirus software. We will be  monitoring antivirus definitions and patch levels to ensure that the security solution is always updated. Our Antivirus is very Powerful, at the same time is very light. When we scan your computers you will not notice any slowness. We usually scan computers for viruses twice a day at 10AM and 2PM.


Why invest thousands of dollars in the new equipment upfront when you can lease it for a monthly fee. With Hardware as a service (HaaS) option your technology will be updated and bundled into your IT service


Do you know what’s involved in maintaining your business computer? Just like your vehicle, your business computer requires regular maintenance to keep your business running smoothly. Our maintenance solution constantly monitors your computer, updating and making changes when necessary. Maintenance needs occur all the time, not just when your computer is slow.

We will monitor your computer 24/7,  manage windows updates, provide daily tune-ups,  reporting weekly or daily to show what maintenance has been completed


As-needed Remote Tech support for your computer-related issues such as OS, Microsoft Office, Essential software, Antivirus issues, email issues, etc We already know your setup (IT documentation) so it will be easy to provide IT support when required. We document and learn your environment and previous support requests every time! Support is provided Mon-Fri 7AM – 7PM EST by Phone / Email/ Live chat and SMS and if necessary Onsite support or after hours support can be provided


Are you interested in knowing how your computer is performing, if there are any problems with it? Your computer requires the health and performance of a vast combination of hardware and software to function properly, if something is going wrong it’s important you’re aware. Our 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting solution constantly watches health, performance and errors in the operating system software as well as device hardware components of your computer. If you are travelling, we make sure that updates are turned off. We know how difficult it can be to gain access to (sometimes slow) Internet when you are on the road. If you’re going to be on an extended trip with your computer (more than a week), let our help desk know and we will plan our maintenance activities accordingly.


Are you tired of dealing with multiple service providers? In today’s world of technology, every business needs many IT related services, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Our IT vendor management solution ranges these companies for you on your behalf. If any issues arise, our technical expertise allows us to communicate more efficiently with these providers to get you the outcome you require. You can also call us to know more about these vendors, their business hours and contact information.

Our service manages: internet providers, web hosting companies, printer management companies, specific software for your business, phone system companies, security providers, merchant providers with PIN pad terminals, CRM or any cloud based systems


VoIP (pronounced “voyp”) stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a technology that makes phone calls possible from any internet-connected device with a microphone and speakers. 

You may not have heard of VoIP, but chances are you have used it without knowing it.

Popular internet messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger and Microsoft’s Skype use VoIP technology to make voice calls. Many internet and cable television service providers today bundle VoIP phone service with their internet and cable packages. Great features of VOIP include Lower monthly fee, VOICEMAIL to EMAIL, Autoattendant and more!


FAX is an old technology but if you are in Medical, Financial, Legal Industry, chances are you are still using it. But nowadays fax can be provided in electronic form. You can still keep your  Fax number and receive Faxes in your email