This week we’re featuring our client Solutions Customized Home Cleaning Inc.

Here’s some background information from our client’s website:

We are a privately owned company whose management draws strength from the diverse & expert skills of its owners. This expertise combines talent & knowledge spanning many years in the entrepreneurial, customer service & operational cleaning fields. We offer a choice of traditional or full eco–friendly products safe for your family and pets.

We interviewed the owner Marc to provide further insight into his company:

Could you please tell us the name of your business and briefly explain what you do?

“Our company’s name is Solutions Customized Home Cleaning. We are in Nepean and specialize in residential home cleaning, we don’t do commercial and we don’t do institutional that’s all we do. This business was started by wife and my daughter, and they started this thing literally from scratch, they knew nothing about it. My daughter knows about the cleaning business, because she worked in Westin Hotel, and if you know the hotel business, you know cleanliness is important. It was an easy transition to go in to residential because it was the same kind of approach really. They started the thing and they worked on it for two years or three years I think and then my wife took sick. We started in this same office in 2011. We were talking about putting some money down and when this came up we sort of clinched it.

What made you want to start in this business/industry and when did you start?

“If you’re manufacturing or if you’re representing somebody or whatever it’s got its peculiarities but when it is a service you have some control over it. The idea was if this sort of kept growing then we would have added more and more staff. At one point, we had four ladies working here so that’s a lot of ins and outs.”

What do you love most about your business/industry?

“I think the best part is if you have a full capacity to do work and you achieve a part of that work there is a certain amount of satisfaction. When our staff have gone and they have come back, everybody’s safe and the customers are happy, you are getting repeat business from your customer base that’s a success. So the first answer is if you get your bookings you are happy. And if you can maintain that month in and month out I think that’s the challenge.”

“What are some technological challenges you’ve faced as a business and how was CapitalTek able to help?”

“When CapitalTek came around the business was at the point of collapse, it was that bad. When CapitalTek began with us one of the things that they told us was when the system is in place and you throw on a switch it will work. At that time when you put the switch on you didn’t know if it was going to work. The emails were streamlined in to one email address and that made a big difference. With this working it contributed to getting 100 percent on the clock. If you are down for a day or two everything stops. So if you ask what impact it was definitely a very positive impact.”