This week we’re featuring our client Stan’s HVAC systems.

Here’s some background information from our client’s website:

We know the importance of family. In fact, that strong connection became the basis for our approach to customer service: To always treat our customers like family.

For more than 40 years, Ottawa homeowners have trusted Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning to keep them comfortable and breathing easier.

From the most complex installation to routine service and maintenance, Stan’s has the expertise, the people and the products you need. We’ll work with you to find the solution that’s right for your home, one that fits your needs—and your budget.

We interviewed the owner Lyle to provide further insight into his company:

Could you please tell us the name of your business and briefly explain what you do?

“So Stan is my uncle and he started the business back in ‘69. He incorporated in 69 and actually started in ‘68. Then I worked for them for about three years before I took it over in April of ‘04 and has carried it over since.”

“So we will be celebrating 50 years in 2019.”

“Ironically enough the rebranding has went through different stages. When we got the logo that we have now the colors that we ended up using were pretty much the same colours that Stan used back on his original van, even though we had never seen the original van before we did it. So that was kind of an interesting coincidence.”

Do the colours represent anything?

“Customers think yellow is the sun, green is the environment, blue is for cooling and red is for heating. The logo was just designed more or less for the purposes of representing Stan as a trustworthy, reputable, to give the customers the warm feeling that they can rely on Stan to take care of them. That was actually the design of the logo.”

What made you want to start in this business/industry and when did you start?

“I actually started at this late in life – in the traditional so called HVAC business if you want to call it that. I worked at Pepsi for almost fifteen years, then I went in to high-tech, then high-tech tanked and I was out work for about three weeks. My Uncle Stan called me and said I understand that you are looking for some work and I could use your hand to haul out some oil tanks and do some labour work. I helped him out for maybe two or three weeks and then went back home and said to my wife you know what, everybody needs heat and cooling so I think I am going to go back to school at night and work during the day. I worked with my uncle for a little while, got in to the trade and the opportunity came fairly early in my HVAC career to buy the business from my uncle. I thought this was an opportunity that does not come often in life, and I ended up buying the business from my uncle and haven’t looked back since.”

What do you love most about your business/industry?

“The fact that we are able to help clients in their home. It is their space and it is very important to them. The fact that we can make them comfortable in their house and make them feel confident that everything is done according to code and manufacturer’s specs etc. I like that we’re strictly residential and not commercial.

What are some technological challenges you’ve faced as a business and how was CapitalTek able to help?

“We, like most companies, started out more or less working with what we have and what we know and then you grow to a point that you realize that you’re going to need help because the technological world is growing and that is becoming part of all the businesses. CRM, email systems, cloud etc. and the list goes on. Those items are not our area of expertise. Our area of expertise is in HVAC, furnaces, air conditioners, HRVs, that’s what we specialize in. You finally reach a point where you have done with what you know then you need to call in experts like CapitalTek to help you grow in that area.