The Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo) was the fourth generation of the G3 Apple laptops and code named Pismo after the City of Pismo Beach, California. The Pismo PowerBook was the last model in the G3 line, before the more modern Titanium PowerBook G4 models were released.

The PowerBook G3 was not shy with its appearance in pop culture. The laptop was seen in You’ve Got Mail, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, House on Haunted Hill, Mission: Impossible 2, Disney’s The Kid, Dark Angel, What Women Want, The West Wing, Friends, The Lone Gunmen, The Core, Duplex, Saw, Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, Night at the Museum, Charmed, Everybody Loves Raymond, Stargate SG-1, That’s So Raven and Angel.

The Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo) came with the following specs:

  • 400 MHz or 500 MHz processor
  • 64 or 128 MB of PC100 SDRAM Expandable to 512 MB
  • ATI Rage Mobility 128 with 8 MB of SDRAM graphics
  • 6–18 GB
  • 6× DVD-ROM
  • Optional AirPort 802.11b, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, 56k modem
  • 2x USB 1.1, 2x Firewire 400, 1x PC Card I/II, Audio out mini-jack
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 “Tiger” and Mac OS 9.2.2