Advanced virtual business solutions

Ready to propel your organization into the future with cloud computing’s boundless potential? Look no further. Our cutting-edge solutions provide global, anytime access to data and applications – liberating you from costly office space obligations. Experience increased agility and efficiency as your team soars under unprecedented digital freedom.

All without a steep IT infrastructure bill.

Our team is here to unlock the power of virtual technology to help your organization embrace digital advances and benefit from their full potential. From web hosting and email platforms,  through to cybersecurity measures or managed IT services, we offer a range of options designed specifically for traditional or hybrid businesses.

Let’s outfit your organization with the best modern cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing Services Ottawa
Cloud Computing Ottawa

Cloud computing for convenient hosting solutions

Looking for hassle-free web hosting solutions that can help your business thrive? We can seamlessly get your organization online in minutes with easy-to-use tools and resources. We provide cPanel, FTP and WordPress access to your web designer or can connect your domain name to another web application. Plus, our team’s expert assistance is available around the clock to make sure everything works right.

  • 100% Hosted in Canada

    Full Canadian storage.

  • WordPress Solutions

    Easy backups available for WordPress.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel

    One easy platform for all your hosting needs.

  • Guaranteed Uptime

    Our expert team ensures zero downtime. That’s right, zero.

  • Hosting with SSL

    SSL certification to gain your customers’ trust.

  • Protected at All Times

    End-to-end encryption and software updates.

  • 24/7/365 Help

    Team of specialists available to assist day or night.

  • Affordable

    Discounted rates for business professionals.

Cloud computing business email services

Make your business email work for you! Showcase a trustworthy and reliable online presence with tailored email services from Microsoft 365 and G Suite designed specifically for small to midsize businesses. Enjoy all the features, benefits and security of an enterprise system at an affordable price, while creating a professional image that reflects your brand’s identity.

  • Store, Share and Upgrade

    Easily store and share all your files in folders on all devices.

  • Synchronization

    Access your email from any location and from any device.

  • Business Class Tools

    Advanced productivity tools powered by Microsoft and Google.

  • Anti-Spam Filters

    Keep your inbox free from viruses and spam.

  • Professional Look

    Have a professional presence with business email boxes.

  • Email Restores

    Optional backup solutions for all of your files.

Cloud Computing Services Ottawa

Cloud office solutions are truly the wave of the future for Ottawa business.