Advanced Virtual Business Solutions

CAPITALTEK provides cloud computing services that Ottawa businesses depend on. You probably have heard of virtual solutions before, but you may be wondering exactly how it can benefit your team. Simply put, digital applications enable you and your employees to access your files from anywhere on the planet, any time. In the process, you will free up office space, save money, and eliminate storage and cooling costs – all while seeing your staff productivity levels surge.

As we know, there have been significant advances in the online industry. As a result, virtual solutions drive the majority of the dramatic change within organizations. Regardless of whether you have a traditional recovery center or a hybrid environment, we can help you move forward and take advantage of all of the great things a digital platform has to offer. From virtual web hosting solutions to online email platforms, security, and managed IT services we can bring your workspace environment into the 21st century.

Cloud Computing Services Ottawa
Cloud Computing Ottawa

Cloud Computing for Convenient Hosting Solutions

Looking for easy web hosting solutions that can help your business thrive? Get your organisation online in minutes with easy-to-use tools and resources. We provide cPanel, FTP and WordPress access to your web designer or connect your domain name to another web application. Our team is always available to ensure your website is up and functional every hour of the day.

  • 100% Hosted in Canada

    Full Canadian storage.

  • WordPress Solutions

    Easy backups available for WordPress.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel

    One easy platform for your all your hosting needs.

  • Guaranteed Uptime

    Our expert team ensures zero downtime. That’s right, zero.

  • Hosting with SSL

    SSL certification to gain your customers trust.

  • Protected at All Times

    End-to-end encryption and software updates.

  • 24/7/365 Help

    Team of specialists available to assist day or night.

  • Affordable

    Discounted rates for business professionals.

Cloud Computing Business Email Services

Gain your customer’s trust and increase your credibility online with business email customized to reflect your brand. Get the best of both worlds. In collaboration with Microsoft 365 and G Suite, we offer an affordable yet comprehensive business email system that is just right for small and micro-businesses. Enjoy all the features, functionalities and protection while presenting and maintaining a professional front for your business.

  • Store, Share and Upgrade

    Easily store and share all your files in folders on all devices.

  • Synchronization

    Access your email from any location and from any device.

  • Business Class Tools

    Advanced productivity tools powered by Microsoft and Google.

  • Anti-Spam Filters

    Keep your inbox free from viruses and spam.

  • Professional Look

    Have a professional presence with business email boxes.

  • Email Restores

    Optional backup solutions for all of your files.

Cloud Computing Services Ottawa

With thousands of businesses across the globe transitioning to the digital space, cloud computing services is truly the wave of the future for Ottawa companies.