Benefits of Dual Screen Setup (Dual Monitor Setup) for Business

Do you think a dual-screen setup can increase the productivity and efficiency of employees? In our opinion, yes, they do. If you’re thinking about using an additional screen and not sure about its benefits, then you’re at the right place. After reading the benefits of dual screen setup, business owners will definitely want to give it a try.

Advantages of Dual Screen Setup
There are many benefits of a dual monitor setup, and here we’ll discuss the most important ones.

  1. Increased Productivity
    In the past few years, lots of studies have been performed to see how a dual monitor setup improves productivity. And one of the studies performed by Jon Peddie shows that productivity was increased by 20 to 30% by using multiple screens. The good news for business owners is increased productivity can result in a massive increase in ROI.
  2. Comparisons Become Easier
    A dual-screen setup will ensure that you don’t have to switch from one window to the other over and over again. You can have access to the required information on the second screen. It’s ideal for those employees who want to perform comparisons, test software in different browsers, or revise financial documents.
  3. Ease of Access
    By having a dual monitor setup, you can open your email or other communication options on one screen so that you can easily get connected with clients. While on the second screen, you can perform your work. This setup is ideal for those business leaders who want to keep their clients and customers engaged.
  4. Greater Flexibility for Work Stations
    Most people don’t give the dual-screen set up a try because they feel it’s complex and challenging to set up. But, that’s simply not true. You can easily set up multiple screens on your workstation. More importantly, you can easily disconnect your dual-screen setup when you want to change your working environment. It’s even a perfect option to have for video conferences. For example, you can open up reference material on the second screen, and it will ensure that you don’t have to switch views. You can maintain eye contact with the client, and discussions will go smoother.
  5. Inexpensive Setup
    This is perhaps the most significant advantage of having a dual-screen setup. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can contact a professional IT company to do the setup for you. So, it will not cost as much as many business owners think. Yes, it was expensive to set up a dual monitor setup a few years ago, but now the prices have dropped significantly. As a result, you can find monitors at a reasonable price without compromising quality.
  6. Information Sharing Is Easier
    In a dual-screen setup, it’s easy to share files between different applications. For example, you can drag files from one screen to another. Almost all business owners can use this setup, but it’s pretty effective for designers who work on Photoshop and other design-related applications. Moreover, web developers can also use this setup to help keep the creativity flowing.
  7. Reduce Distractions
    People have the wrong concept about multiple screens. They feel that two screens will provide more distractions. However, with a dual-screen setup, you don’t need to switch between tabs and browsers, and you can view everything at once. More importantly, it will not disturb your workflow.

These are just some of the universal advantages of using a dual-screen setup. If you would like to try out a dual-screen setup, you can contact Us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tech-savvy or not because we’re always available to assist. It’s important to hire a professional to avoid issues in the future. In addition, it’s a perfect opportunity for business owners to get dual screens in their workstations and increase productivity and ROI without investing too much money.