How Tech Savy Are You?

Test your technical skills to find out how tech savvy you are.

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Welcome to your How Tech Savy Are You?

How do you store your passwords?
When you go on vacation, how do you set up an office reply?
What's the difference between mac and PC?
You can't connect to the internet. What's the first thing you do?
What do you use to edit photos?
How do you communicate with loved ones who live far away?
I feel confident shopping and banking online.
Which of these devices are not interactive?
How much RAM your personal computer has?
How many bytes are there in one kilobyte?
What is the primary component of solid-state hard drives (SSDs)?
The "F" on the keys at the top of your keyboard stands for what?
I can take a screenshot of my device or computer.
How are computer monitors measured?
I know how to uninstall an unwanted app or program.
What is a primary advantage of SSDs versus older magnetic hard drives?
What important capability does Windows' Task Manager provide?
I know how to recognize a scam email.
What is the shortcut for copy and paste on a PC?
I can quickly find my files on my computer or device.
Your battery is about to die, which of these WON'T help prolong its life?
Which company was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion?
'OS' computer abbreviation usually means ?
Shortcut key for 'Undo' on Windows is?
Shortcut key to lock a Windows computer is?
Total number of function keys in a computer keyboard
'IoT' refers to
UPS stands for
Which term is synonymous with 'Internet'