Reboot for Good: Create a Miracle This Christmas with CapitalTek

Transform Your Old Technology into Hope and Opportunities


About the “Reboot for Good” Program
As Christmas approaches, CapitalTek invites you to participate in our unique initiative – “Reboot for Good”. We are committed to giving old technology a new life, helping those in need, and making our world a better place.

How It Works?

1. Technology Collection:

If you have unwanted or broken computers, laptops, monitors, or tablets no older than 5 years, you can donate them to us.

2. Secure Data Deletion:

We guarantee complete and irreversible deletion of all data from your equipment, ensuring confidentiality and security. You will also receive an official certificate of data destruction.

3. Refurbishment and Donation

We will then update and repair this equipment and pass it on to Ability First Ottawa, as well as to those in need—schools in underprivileged areas, non-profit educational organizations, aid centers for the less fortunate, as well as students and other vulnerable segments of the population. Access to modern technology can be a crucial factor in learning and development for these individuals.

Your Participation in “Reboot for Good” Opens New Horizons for Many People. You not only help those around you but also contribute to the sustainable development of society.

As a sign of our gratitude for your participation in the “Reboot for Good” program, we offer you two exclusive free services:

Health Check Audit for Computers and Laptops

Dark Web Audit

How to Participate

Simple Participation Process: To join our initiative, simply fill out the feedback form, and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to transfer the equipment

Last name
Please specify the location and preferred time for transferring the equipment(Required)
Which free services from CapitalTek would you like to receive?

Together We Can Achieve More!

We are confident that together we can make a difference, spreading kindness and joy. With your help, we can create a miracle this Christmas.

Contact Us:

For more detailed information, please contact us through the feedback form on our website or call us at 613-227-4357 

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