ComputAID is an Easy and Responsible Way to Give Back

Give your unwanted IT equipment new life and HELP THE LIVES of those in need.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of having access to reliable technology. But many people cannot afford the computer equipment they need for work or school.

ComputAid is a hardware donation program created by CapitalTek to benefit Ability First Ottawa as well as other great charities. If you have unneeded or broken desktop or laptop computers, monitors, tablets or other equipment that is no more than 5 years old, simply complete our online form by clicking on the button below to arrange a free pick-up courtesy of our campaign partner, Gopher It Deliveries.

CapitalTek will wipe the data, make any necessary repairs, and deliver it to those who can put it to good use—all at no charge to you!

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Our rigorous data removal process permanently and irreversibly removes all data from your computer hard drives.
For example Desktop computers, laptops, Monitors and its quantities, approximate age - more information the better to determine if we can put your equipment for a good cause. We will contact you for more information if needed.
We can arrange a free pick-up courtesy of our campaign partner, Gopher It Deliveries, let us know pickup address and preferred Time of the day for the pickup - we will call you to arrange the pickup ahead of time.
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