Digital Fax – Faxing Made Simple

No doubt, a fax machine is an outdated technology, but unfortunately, many individuals and businesses still use it. Faxing is still relevant, but fax machines are not. However, business owners need to make the switch from old analog fax machines to digital fax. Here, we’ll discuss how to transition from traditional faxing machines to electronica fax. Moreover, we’ll share some of the many benefits of online fax as well. So, let’s start.

Why Should Businesses Switch from Faxing Machines to Digital Fax?

Some industries like real estate, insurance, law, and healthcare still rely on old fax machines. No doubt, it’s an outdated tool for communication, but professionals still prefer it for sharing confidential documents like binding signatures.

Nowadays, the internet is available for everyone, and people are moving rapidly to mobile platforms. Therefore, standing over a physical fax machine doesn’t look like a good idea. In contrast, online faxing provides instant results and offers plenty of benefits over traditional faxing.

How to Switch to Online Faxing?

You need a few things for shifting from old fax machines to online faxing, such as:

  • Internet Connection
  • Right Service Provider (Who will send and receive faxes)
  • Good Quality Document Scanner

When switching from traditional to electronic fax, you need to consider different factors. For example, you need to identify how many pages you send and receive per month. Then, it will help you choose the best solution because, in some cases, pricing depends on the number of pages faxed and received.

Moreover, there are different plans for individuals and businesses. For example, in business programs, you can send and receive up to 3000 pages per month. On the other hand, individuals can get options with a limit of 300 pages.

More importantly, you should also consider feature-rich functionality like e-Signing, Smartphone Apps, and HIPAA Compliance. But the good news is, most fax solutions offer a free trial so that you can test the interface, features, and quality before finalizing any partner.

5 Benefits of Online Fax

Now you understand why is it important to switch to online faxing and how to do it. Now, we’ll share some benefits of electronica fax so that you can switch to it.

  • Saves Time and Money – You don’t have to pay for fax machines’ maintenance by shifting to online fax. Moreover, there will be no more paper wastage in cloud-based fax solutions. More importantly, you can receive and send fax from anywhere.
  • Keeps Your Documents Organized – Let’s discuss a scenario. For example, you’re receiving at least 15 faxes per day, and after 30 days, it will be 450 pages. Just imagine how you can handle them after one year? On the other hand, an online fax with digital storage will help you organize all pages in one place. More importantly, you’ll be able to access them every time.
  • Environmentally Friendly – In traditional faxing, you need papers, but you don’t need them in an online fax. As mentioned earlier, online faxing is online-based so that everything will be stored on the Internet. So, this process is environmentally-friendly because it reduces the need for paper.
  • Saves Space – You don’t have to take prints of faxes in an online fax. So there will be no piles of documents. Moreover, you don’t have to sort them in your office. It might not be an issue for individuals, but it can result in massive piles for businesses. So, by shifting to digital fax, you will not have to eliminate clutter from time to time because your documents will be stored virtually.
  • Better SecurityWhen you choose a reliable provider, they ensure that fax is accessible to only sender and receiver. There is no need to print documents, so there is no chance that an unauthorized person can access faxes. Finally, encryption ensures that your documents are safe because only the authorized person will have access to it.

Final Words

Now you’re familiar with the benefits of digital fax solution. Contact a professional today and gain a competitive edge over others. Shift to digital fax today and enjoy all the above benefits. Or, if you want some suggestions customized for your business, give us a call!